Guides: Building Characters (Their Inner Workings) for Games and Writing

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I did a tutorial on how I make faces, but some people must have a plan before they worry about looks. For those that work this way, this tutorial is for you. If you’d rather make a face first and build from there, just head on over to my Facial Creation Guide and then come on back. We’ll leave a candle burning for you.
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Face Journal: Forging Sigyn

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Here is some information and screens on my Sigyn face overhaul. I’ll post some images and the mods I’ve used. This post will show when I made her originally in 2013ish and the progress from there. I have had to remake her as I lost the original files and have downloaded newer, more improved mods. I had based her on a completely original idea in the beginning but now am using Katheryn Winnick as a model. I am inspired by her work on the TV show Vikings. I know she’d be more suited as a Nord, as she’s a Viking in the show, but her badassery works for my firey Breton.

Update: The Lagertha preset is finished and I’ve customized it to my Sigyn character! The image above is the new Sigyn.

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