Favorite Female Skin Textures for Skyrim

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Here is a list of my favorite female skin textures and a little on why I like them. I’ll also explain why I mix up part of the files, if necessary. All of these skins use a UNP-base body (NSFW images, but non-pornographic). I use the regular UNP body, specifically. At the bottom I’ll show my own personal combination of Skin Textures, taken from a few different mods. The ENB in the screenshots is Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics.

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Building Characters (Their Inner Workings)

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I will use Skyrim as a base game in this tutorial as it’s currently the game I’m playing and actively working on, but I use these techniques for all open world RPG games. It should be helpful, or mostly helpful considering any game restrictions, for all similar gaming.

This part of character creation is a very tricky subject. There are many ways in which people like to build their own original characters. Skyrim, in many aspects, is helpful because it gives them a preset world that they are crafting their character to. Other freeform RPGs are mostly the same, from old school games like Dungeons & Dragons to computer simulated games like Guild Wars. You may want to make a fallen god as your character who must right the wrongs of his past before he can help defend the world from a fierce, world-consuming dragon or make a lowly prostitute who battles her way through challenges and climbs up the ranks to be a Thane and, ultimately, the Dragonborn. It doesn’t matter what kind of character it is so long as it’s the one you want to play in the game. This guide will give you the sources I use as well as possible examples of sources for those who create characters other than the way I do.

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Forging Sigyn’s Face

SigynLogo copyv2

Here is some information and screens on my Sigyn face overhaul. I’ll post some images and the mods I’ve used (or think I used). This will show when I made her originally in 2013ish and also the progress from there. I have had to remake her as I lost the original files and have downloaded newer, more improved mods. I had based her on a completely original idea in the beginning but now am using Katheryn Winnick as a model. I am inspired by her work on the TV show Vikings. I know she’d be more suited as a Nord, as she’s a Viking in the show, but her badassery works for my firey Breton.

Update: The Lagertha preset is finished and I’ve customized it to my Sigyn character! The image above is the new Sigyn.

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