Review: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Redux)

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The air is crisp and cold. The wind rattles the crunchy leaves beneith your feet. In the distance you can hear the sound of rushing water, you can hear the moaning of the tree branches as they sway. You knew this place wasn’t very close to any major towns, but as you exit the train tunnel it becomes clear something is very wrong.

You’ve seen a lot in your career, but never before has a case tugged at you like this. That itch under your skin grows as you notice one of the powerlines is falling, the wires snapped. The train tracks you’ve been following since you left that town three miles over are so badly rusted it’s evident no train has passed through here in a long time. Yet, you’re sure this was the way as told to you by the lady in the information booth at the train station. The one who raised her eyebrows so high when you mentioned the address…

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Mona Alta: The Path of Faith

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Mona Alta

Mona Alta is a new home for Skyrim located in the mountains right next to Lake Ilinalta that has a very eclectic style. It’s heavily influenced by the culture of the Redguards as well as the Akaviri and Imperials. I’d even say it was influenced by many cultures in Tamriel, but those seem most dominate in the architecture and furnishings.

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