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This is where I’ll post general information about my Skyrim. That will include ENBs, mods I’m working on, favorite mods, necessary tools, and links to helpful tutorials. Some of the tutorials I’ll even make myself based on my own personal experiences and bug testing with Skyrim! Please leave any comments if you have favorite mods, if there is something you want me to try out, if you think I can help with a bug, or if you would like to show off your own work!

I will be updating this page as my Skyrim undergoes major changes. I like changing things up.

Here is a list of my notable Skyrim Dragonborns.

Why I like Bretons.



Install mods with Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer. I only use NMM. I do not recommend installing manually as that can get tricky unless you’re picking and choosing specific textures and meshes to use from many mods. I will post how I do manual installs where needed.

My Mods!

Current mods I can’t live without and have been using constantly in almost all my Skyrim builds:

Tools you’ll need to keep Skyrim functioning neatly when you mod (Or, the ones I use):

  • Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) (tutorial)
  • TES5 (tutorial in mod page)
  • Wrye Bash (tutorial)
  • LOOT (tutorial on site)
  • Merge Plugins (tutorial on mod page but it kinda sucks and the author is ehhh…so wade through the comment section or reread the manual a few times. It’s pretty easy once you get it.)
  • FNIS (for animations and posing) (tutorial on page)
  • SKSE (technically a mod? But useful for script extending and required by a lot of mods) (tutorial)

Places I go when I need help:

  • S.T.E.P. Wiki (best place, has a wealth of information)
  • Nexus Wiki (Has a LOT of good information)
  • Gopher (a YouTuber who makes game videos but has a LOT of modding Skyrim ones!)
  • GamerPoets (Similar to Gopher above)
  • ENB Guide (for ENBs)
  • Installing Poser Mods (says Pinup Poser, but is the same for most pose mods; any other special directions will be on the mod’s page)
  • Exporting Heads with Racemenu (to add them to custom followers/NPCs)
  • Tutorials and mod pages linked above.
  • GOOGLE!!! (seriously, I google everything)

My Tutorials:

Mods I’ve reviewed:

ENBs I’ve used and/or reviewed:

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