My Skyrim Mods

Please check the link by clicking on the mod name to get more details. Right now my mods are hosted exclusively on Nexus. I will update if that changes.

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Currently Released

Face Presets:

Lagertha – A Nord and Breton Preset
Daenerys – Breton Face Preset
Duldresi – A Dunmer Face Preset
Hathor – A Redguard Face Preset
Mazoga – An Orc Face Preset


In Progress:

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Isi Wildheart, a Thief Follower

She will have (at least) over 500+ lines of custom dialogue, including dialogue on certain locations, dialogue about the weather, dialogue on some quests, and dialogue on certain types of NPCs.

Isi will have custom skills, racial attributes, and abilities (including looting, thieving, haggling, and gathering). She will even have some “quirks” relating to her steadfast adherence to The Greenpact!

She will also have a quest!

I am currently in the process of writing down her dialogue, finishing her backstory, and fixing her face (the file I had got corrupted but with the exception of some minor changes the picture above is close to what I want her to look like). That is about 40% done (from what I estimate based on vanilla follower NPCs and other custom followers).

What’s left to do:

  • Finish her dialogue
  • Polish up her history
  • Adding all her dialogue into the CK
  • Scripting for her abilities (there are a lot) (some abilities will be released in future updates so not all will be out at once)
  • Creating her quest (physically) and the dungeon
  • Finding suitable weapons and armor
  • Voice acting
  • Bug testing


Possible Followers in the Future:

KieraConceptLogo copy

Kiera, based off a character I have played in Skyrim already. See this post for more information on her personality and biography.

YureiConceptLogo copy

Yurei (Japanese for “ghost”) is a follower I came up with to accompany my Dragonborn Sigyn. I have some basic information about her here. Keep watching!


More face presets!

I am planning on making ones based on actresses that I had modeled my old Skyrim characters on, as well as ones based on other actors and actresses.

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Megan Fox (because why not). Here is the progress page.


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Natalie Dormer (I just love her face, but she’s a general badass in whatever she does ^_^) (90% done) Maybe 100% done?! – MAYBE NOT ARGH.

  • Had to remake the whole head. Messed up the other file royally.
  • New skin textures: Pride of Valhalla. More mods when I upload it.
  • Head not perfect – It’s hard to create wide faces on Skyrim’s mesh. It gets wonky and no hairs fit. So it’s to the best of my abilities.
  • Here is her page.


Etain Face
Olga Kurylenko (She will have a warpaint option, but the warpaints won’t be exactly like the movie’s)

Olga Kurylenko (ala Etain from Centurian 2010 movie)


…and others!

Like how I do my faces? Want to learn how to make your own awesome characters and cool faces that you can show off to the world? Click here for a tutorial.

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