NaNoWriMo Update


“A charismatic prince and his supernatural hunter companions must unite with a solitary witch to battle an evil necromancer hellbent on taking over the world.”

So far I’ve written 31,204 words for my novel as of November 18, 2017. I’m so excited! I need to work on finishing up my major points for my plotting outline and such, but the work is coming along. I had a bit of trouble sleeping after I finished a 2k night so I decided to see how I could expand some parts. I’ve gone back a few times to add in things. Last night I was able to come up with whole scenes/chapters that would add life to parts of the work I’ve already written.

Read below for some specifics about the novel for NaNoWriMo.

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Raven (Working Title, this one is bad)


“A charismatic prince and his supernatural hunter companions must unite with a solitary witch to battle an evil necromancer hellbent on taking over the world.”


Prince Athelstan has trained in the ways of supernatural hunting from the age of seventeen. Now in his forties, he learns the worst of the supernatural creatures, a necromancer, has decided to use these evil and forbidden powers to become the supreme being. Athelstan and his group of supernatural hunters under his command know it’s their duty to vanquish this evil at any cost to save the world.

Raven is a solitary witch with little patience for narrow-minded beings. She is contacted by the prince in an effort to help battle the necromantic foe. She agrees despite her, and some of the group’s, reservations. However, the Necromancer grows stronger every day. The group must put aside their differences to battle rogue vampires, slay tumultuous demons, duel a victimized dragon, beguile shrewd politicians, and outwit a powerful mage to find a way to stop the necromancer’s deadly plans.


Another time. Another place. A kingdom defined by their novel technological marvels. Wild lands still in the grip of the old, magical ways. A new class of citizens are rising into power. Politicians argue over change. People demand peace. Scholars hoard their knowledge. Merchants work to make a living anywhere they can. A prominent royal family is divided much like the rest of the world. Fantastical beings clash with weary humans.

Join a group of adventurous supernatural hunters as they battle to take down a deadly foe and keep the fragile balance between magic and technology alive.

This story is of the fantasy genre (a mixture of Medieval and Renaissance time frames) with slight Victorian era style steampunk components. I’m creating my own rules for the magical and the technological elements. Familiar mythological creatures and bits of mechanization will be featured with new and different mythologies and characteristics.


Let me know what you think!

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