Review: Darkness Within

TDWbanner copyThe bed squeaks under your weight as you try to move. It’s cumbersome to breathe with the stagnant air. It’s like a weight on your chest, oppressing your ribs into your lungs. The pain is an elephant with his trunk wrapped around your neck and his tusks pinning your neck in place.

Sucking in the deepest breath you can, you muster just enough force to open your eyes. Crimson slits like rips in the fabric of the darkness stare back at you. The redness casts an unholy glow over the creature’s features. His skin looks too tightly pulled over the exaggerated skull. He opens his mouth and the smell of rotting eggs pours out. It’s so thick you can see it escape through his teeth.

Before you can scream, he lunges forward, mouth agape.

You feel as if you’re floating, alone, drifting along with the numerous stars in the universe.

Everything is falling.

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