Review: Favorite Female Skin Textures for Skyrim

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Here is a list of my favorite female skin textures and a little on why I like them. I’ll also explain why I mix up part of the files, if necessary. All of these skins use a UNP-base body (NSFW images, but non-pornographic). I use the regular UNP body, specifically. At the bottom I’ll show my own personal combination of Skin Textures, taken from a few different mods. The ENB in the screenshots is Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics.

Top Picks

in Order of My Preference

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Pride of Valhalla

This is probably my #1 choice. I love the detail with the scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and moles. You can also see the pores and with the original normal maps there is some great muscular detail. In terms of the age the skin appears to be on a character with all of the base files, I would say it’s in the 20-40 range, depending on sculpt. That’s a big range, but the 40 and 50 year old complexions from PoV in RaceMenu do a good job of adding wrinkles without them looking like painted-on lines. In my example I’m using a softer sculpt so she looks younger.

This skin is a mashup of Real Girls and Mature Skin with Fitness Body‘s normal maps. I use the lowely 1k version called Niflheim because I have so many other graphical overhauls. Despite the low resolution, the texture still looks awesome! To me it doesn’t lose any detail and I doubt anyone would know it was only 1k. I also loooove the neutral skin tone. I can make any shade I want and there won’t be a red overlay.

The other great thing with this skin, besides the fact it’s still being worked on, is that there are some options with customization. You can have sparkley eyes (which I use), a wet body, or a sweaty body. I don’t use those last two options, but they’re popular. The author has also said she (I think it’s a she) is going to give even more options. I’m looking forward to seeing them!


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SRG Female Textures

This has to be my second favorite skin, although I don’t totally like the red hue the skin has. The detail is fantastic and I like the lighter muscle definition option (see the end of the post). It’s not body-builder toned, but it shows that the woman can hold her own in a fight! There are also other options, such as more muscles, different skin resolution, a no freckles version, and some experimental skins. In the screenies above I’m using all default settings for the texture, so there is minimal tone.

Some of the downsides to this mod are that it’s essentially incomplete because it lacks a vampire skin and that it has that redness to the base color.

The skin is a merging of the SG Skin Texture Renewal and Real Girls. It’s a good balance of each, though your character can come out looking too young – unless that’s what you want. ^_^ Seren4XX, the mod author, says the age for this skin’s appearance is 20-30. I agree, though you could go younger with certain sculpts.


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SG Skin Textures Renewal

This used to be one of my favorite skins for skyrim when I started playing again in early 2016. This is definitly a youthful skin, although it does have blemishes, scars, and slight stretch marks. The muscle tone is minimal and the skin base coloration is neutral, if a bit blotchy in certain ENBs and lighting conditions. I would say the approximate age with this skin is late teens to 20s. This is because of how easy it is to sculpt the face with these textures and create a look reminiscent of a teenager.

This skin has mostly fallen to the wayside as I’ve found better options, but I still this it’s one of the better ones out there. It is a complete skin with included vampire textures as well as it’s own normal and specular maps.


Honorable Mentions

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Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless

(a spin-off of the original CBBE Skin Texture[…]UNP Compatible, which was difficult to get to work right, especially on UNP)

The original CBBE Skin Texture […] UNP Compatible textures used to be my favorite for quite a few years because of all the body options and how detailed it was at the time of it’s release. They were great for the CBBE body, but I liked UNP much more and I had a hard time figuring out how to get this skin to work on UNP even though it says it works. Then I found Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless and I was in heaven! I was able to get my choices and use UNP, too.

Alt Navetsea UNP keeps all the skin texture combinations (pubic hairs, wet, muscle tone, etc…) and fixes the paths and other technical stuff I’m not sure how to explain so the textures work with UNP. There are also different resolutions, though I think the highest is around 2K. I used the LITE version here and in my older games, which is 512 and 1K depending on the texture. It’s slightly higher than the vanilla textures and doesn’t stand up to the newer skins, but way back then it was great.

This texture is not in development anymore so both mods are considered done. Although it has a rich design, it’s simply not as detailed as the newer skins. It’s not a full skin texture replacer, either. There is no vampire skin.


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Real Girls

A really great and detailed skin. Sadly, it looks like it’s been abondoned and is only a partial skin set. There is no vampire skin, there are no normal maps, nor any specular maps. And unfortunately, the textures that are available have a bit of a ruddy coloration to them. I would say the author was going for a tan complexion, but in the ENBs I’ve used with it, it’s too red.

In my screenshots I put Real Girls textures over SRG normal maps and such, though I’ve seen it over quite a number of other texture set files.

I wish the author would pick it up, but he did allow his resources to be freely used so long as you follow his rules, so many new skins use his as a base for a mash-up.


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Mature Skin

I like the fact this mod isn’t all “16 year old girl saves Skyrim!” and caters to the more mature woman (age seems to be 40-50 for the default Mature option), however the skin texture doesn’t always look good with ENBs. The “young face” version also looks very…odd in my game. It’s washed out, even with light makeup from Racemenu. Also, those lip textures…no.

A big plus to this mod is how many options you have for customizing the skin. You can have scars and no moles, moles and no scars, neither, or both. There are different pubic hair options and as I said earlier, there is a younger version (age 30-40). The main difference between young and mature are the number of stretch marks and wrinkles. This texture is still being developed as well, so if you like it I’d keep checking for updates.

I would rate this much higher if I could use it in any ENB instead of vanilla.


My Combination v1

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  • UNP Body, regular version
  • Pride of Valhalla
    • Pride of Valhalla Sparkle Eyes optional file
    • SRG Female Textures Lightly Muscled Varient Normal Map
  • 2K Lip Tints
    • These lip tint masks allow the lip color to reach further out at the edge of the lips, it doesn’t look pixilated, and it doesn’t alter the shape of the lips.
    • PoV recommends Bella’s Lip Tints (found on Pride of Valhalla file section). These seem too dark. Even though I like the slight glitter look for the eyeshadow (not currently seen here), lips that are too flat and dark look weird to me. One day I’m going to merge SG’s lips with PoV. Mwhahahaha.
  • Lips are a combination of SG Skin Textures Renewal and Pride of Valhalla, see below.

Because of Pride of Valhalla’s prominent muscles, the body is very athletic and not to everyone’s taste. I love this skin and all of it’s glory for some of my characters, like Lagertha and Sigyn, who are all out badasses, but other characters, like Freja, don’t have such defined muscles. Because of this, and because I still want some definition since these girls walk, run, and fight all the time, I tend to bounce around with different normal maps. The ones I change are the and Here I’ve used PoV skin textures with SRG’s (Lightly Muscled Varient) and 2K lip tints (above pictures, below pictures are a texture I’ve created below with SG tints). I have changed the before, but I keep coming back to PoV’s because I like the definition it has.

For her stomach area the screens don’t do it justice. She’s got some nice muscle tone there, but no 6-pack abs. I think her light skin color is washing out the detail.


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I DID IT! I was able to merge some of the shimmer look from SG lips onto PoV’s. I went for something subtle and here is the outcome.


lips copy
Please be respectful that I am not releasing the texture at this time, if at all. These images do not show the lips with any lip tints, this is just the base texture.


Basically, I liked the satin/semi-gloss look of SG but wanted to maintain the shape and coloration of PoV. I went into Photoshop and through a lot of trial and error was able to merge just the middle and inside area of the lips together. It was a lot of erasing, cloning, praying, and starting over. @_@ Both textures are colored completely differently and the lips are shaped differently, so it was challenging to get them to look right. But I am pleased with the results. I also am using SG’s tintmasks for the lips so the color isn’t so bold and enhances the slight wet look. Also, the reason the lips are darker in the center on the screenshots from the game is from SG’s tintmasks, where her lip overlay is set up to be darker in the middle and fades out towards the edge.

I am pretty satisfied with my merging of PoV and SG lips. It’s just subtle enough to show, but not in your face. I also am using SG lip tints with them so they have more color closer to the center and fade out.

For more mods that are great to use when customizing skin textures, or for a how-to guide, you can go to my Facial Creation Guide.

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