Face Journal: Sculpting Megan Fox

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A remake of an old RaceMenu preset from 2015. I really like Megan Fox’s face and have always thought she’d be a good thief in the Elder Scrolls’ universe. Here I’ll show a little on her face from 2015 until 2017.

Ahh…the infamous Megan Fox. At one time she was the “it” girl in Hollywood, sometimes described as a younger Angelina Jolie (who can replace Jolie?! No one!) because of her similar appearance. I’ve always liked Mrs. Fox (she’s married but kept her maiden name in Hollywood) because she seems to gravitate to action movies a lot. In 2015 this inspired me to make a thief character with her face. I had found some nice looking Megan Fox faces on Nexus, but at the time couldn’t get them to work. This inspired me to make her face myself. I don’t think I did that great of a job at the time, I based her look more heavily off of her younger self (she looks somewhat different as she’s aged well and has had some minor plastic surgery) and thus she never quite looked like the sex kitten she turned into. With a new skin (and a reminder from a friend, Hovihar that I was going to remake her), I finally decided to sit down and make a preset based more on her current looks.


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Megan Fox 2011


This is my original attempt. I only have two pictures left from when I did this, a “less makeup” version and a “more makeup” version. There isn’t really too much of a difference except for in the less makeup version her face was longer, she had different hair, and she had on less makeup around the eyes.

I am really not sure what mods I used so take this list with a grain of salt unless stated otherwise.

Face, Body, Skin, Eyes, Hair:

  • Mature Skin (The version from June 2015 way down near the bottom – this one I am positive is correct based on the moles and skin texture)
  • UNP Body (NSFW images, non-pornographic)
  • Improved Eyes Skyrim
  • KS Hairdos (positive this is correct due to the hairs being the same)
  • Brows (pretty sure as this has been one of my favorite brow mods since it came out in 2013ish)
  • I believe I had a lip tint that was not part of Mature Skin. Idk what one.

Technical Mods:



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Megan Fox 2015. No, she can’t ever close her mouth for photos. Ever.


Here is the remake of her face I just finished today! I spent 4+ hours on it. @_@ I’m not completely satisfied with it (I never am with these), but it’s pretty good. I’m somewhat limited still by Skyrim’s engine and RaceMenu so things like her eyes and some other small details won’t ever be exact. The things I want to change, like her chin length, mouth size, and possibly brow angle, I can get pretty close to her actual face. She has freckles because when she isn’t wearing heavy foundation she does have soft freckles around her nose. There isn’t much makeup as I wanted to show off her face first, but a little eyeliner never hurt anyone. Also, her skin isn’t that pale white like the above Preset screens. I had extra lighting on so I could see specific details when I went in and sculpted around her cheeks and jaw.

Face, Body, Skin, Eyes, Lips, Hair:

Technical Mods:


While I really like the idea of using Mrs. Fox’s face in Skyrim, I don’t know if I’ll create a character with it just yet. If I do I want to name her Vixen (haha I made a funny). More pictures will be on my flickr.


Close up for the facial details and a slightly annoyed smile.



Proof that lighting and camera angles can make all the difference in the world.

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