Designing Freja


FrejaLogo copyFreja is a new character I’ve created. This post will be about how I created her face, a mini biography, and her involvement in the world of Tamriel.

Note: I did not create the base of her face! I used Daenerys as a Racemenu Preset by the very talented Shiva182 and adjusted it to fit the Breton race as well as tweaked it to look better with my skin texture. See below for a detailed list of adjustments and mods I used.

I have been trying to make an Emilia Clarke/Daenerys character for a long time (appearance, not necessarily the personality of Daenerys herself). I attempted two times that I remember, once when the game first came out and once in 2016. Ms. Clarke’s face is very beautiful. It’s also got some very defining characteristics, like her large eyes, plump lips, and her full eyebrows. On the original Skyrim character creation menu it was hard to get those features. With the advance of a mod called RaceMenu it’s easier, however, I’m not always the best at transcribing what I see onto paper, so to speak. After a long time of trying to sculpt it recently, I found Daenerys as a Racemenu Preset on Nexus. It’s one of the best Daenerys representations I’ve seen (besides the ones on the DEM body, but those cost money and it’s illegal to charge for mods according to Bethesda, the company who makes these games). So I took this preset and decided to adapt it to the Breton race and create a new character.


My version of Daenerys back in 2012. Not bad for using only the base character creation!

This was one of my first characters. She is directly based on Daenerys from the TV show Game of Thrones. I really liked her face – still do – but there was no real personality to her character when I played Skyrim. I kind of just did whatever. xD

Face, Body, Skin, Eyes, Hair:



June 13, 2016

This is actually my other character Sigyn (done before the August 2016-October 2016 Sigyn faces). I tried to recreate Ms. Clarke’s face for a hot moment, then realized I needed to get much better at sculpting. I dropped this idea rather quickly from disillusionment.

Face, Body, Skin, Eyes, Hair:

Technical Mods:

  • SKSE (for higher resolution tint mask ability)
  • RaceMenu
  • No More Ugly Bronze Shine (taken down) (no longer needed with newer ENB .dlls)
  • Imaginator


Freja v1

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Edited the jaw some and added a slight smile for the pose. May 24, 2017

I had thrown around the idea of making this face ever since June of 2016, but after my last attempt, I just couldn’t seem to do a great job. I’ve managed other faces, but her’s was just not working for me. Then I saw Daenerys as a Racemenu Preset on Nexus and decided to try that out. The mod was made for the Nord race and looked lovely in the pictures on the mod’s page, but that didn’t translate too well with my skin texture nor with another race. Since I like playing Bretons I decided to go in and start reworking the preset to work with the race I wanted and to look better with the skin. It seems weird that a skin texture would be such a hassle, but the skin Shiva182 used in her mod was SG Female Textures Renewal which has a very young and smooth feel to it. I use Pride of Valhalla which has more defined facial lines and gives the face a more mature appearance.

When I applied the face to the Breton race it got a little warped. I had to resculpt the chin and jaw (it’s still not exactly correct) as well as round out the eyes and make them larger, but overall I think it’s rather a good fit. I’m probably going to work on it more because that’s just what I do, and because I think her face needs to be a tad longer.

Also, to fit the face to my character I added makeup. In the original mod the skin already has some makeup as part of the base texture, but the skin I use doesn’t. I decided to keep Ms. Clarke’s paleness and pink undertones. I also decided to go with a gray eye instead of purple (in the novels Daenerys has purple eyes but in the show, Clarke couldn’t wear the contacts comfortably so she has gray) as I like the overall pale look to Lady Freja.

Face, Body, Skin, Eyes, Lips, Hair:

Technical Mods:



Freja v2

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Freja May 27, 2017


Emilia Clarke portraying Daenerys in Game of Thrones

Last night and this morning, after working on my Megan Fox face, I decided to go ahead and retweak Freja’s face. Here are the new results. I think it looks better – still not exact, but pretty darn close. I just don’t know how to sculpt it well enough to get all the intricacies of a real human face. Also, the mods that were used to create this amazing representation of Dany in Skyrim are ones you have to buy and I spend enough on unneeded things as it is. But, despite my version not being exact, I really like it.



June 2, 2017 – New Hair Color


Face, Body, Skin, Eyes, Lips, Hair:

  • Daenerys as a Racemenu Preset (heavily edited to fit Breton race)
  • Pride of Valhalla (the glittery look for the face)
  • UNP Body (NSFW images, non-pornographic)
    • from Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless in their “Feminine Arms Toned Abs” file folder.
  • The Eyes of Beauty (FemaleEyesHumanEntangled)
  • YMMP Makeup (subtle, but there around the eyes; white shimmer around the inner corners and smudged black eyeliner ((vanilla eyeliner and YMMP’s)).
  • 2K Lip Tints
  • KS Hairdos (0Dracarys)

    • Salt and Wind retexture to make the hair less perfect and more lived-in, like someone who lives in Skyrim would have.
  • Vanilla Brows and some vanilla makeup

Technical Mods:



Freja v2.5-v3

I did a bunch of editing in one day, so I figured I’d make this one update with two versions. Version 2.5 isn’t much different than v2 with the exception of different enbseries.ini tweaks from the Pride of Valhalla page, altered lip textures and tint masks, as well as a different eyeliner color. See below for the details.

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v2.5 Close Up June 4, 2017 Sorry, the shot was taken in the shadows because I was having a problem with the ENB lighting.


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So…I redid Freja again. Not by much, just tweaked some small things like fixing the mesh around the eye area (it’s still buggy, but that’s Skyrim’s fault), edited some colors so she has soft gray-blue liner, added some light color under her eyes to try and mimic Ms. Clarke’s rather pretty undereye area, worked on the brows, edited the lip textures in photoshop, and finally, redid the hair. I’ve also changed ENBs again because NLVA was just not cutting it in the beautiful skin arena. I’m not sure about this ENB either, but we’ll see. It’s really customizable.

For her face I am going to try and make her eyes more rounded, but whenever I do heavy mesh edits it tends to freak out. So that might be slow coming. If I keep this ENB I will need to change her skin color or work on the ENB’s coloration. The eyeliner, cheek, skin, and eye colors are actually the same in v2.5 and v3, so that shows just how different they are. I did adjust her lips just to test how pale I could go while still holding onto some color. This is a few shades darker than the palest pale. Her hair color was also played with as in the newer version it had too much of a green undertone. I was going for a dark brown/slight auburn.

Her nose needs to be widened at the nostrils just a tad and her brows lowered, again just ever so slightly. The chin needs to be more defined on the sides. I need to fix the hair mesh on the sides of her face so there isn’t a gap. Her eyes do actually point downwards like Ms. Clarke’s, but I have a makeup overlay from YMMP that wings it out on the sides just to give her face some visual interest.

The lips. Ahhhhh, the lips. ^_^ In another post of mine I said I wanted to merge SG lips with Pride of Valhalla and today I think I was able to pull it off. You can go here to see what I did. The lips are in both v2.5 and v3. Although v2.5 has more “natural” coloration, I think the textures look better in v3 thanks to the ENB. Also, the reason the lips are darker in the center is from SG’s tintmasks, where her lip overlay is set up to be darker in the middle and fades out towards the edge.

Face, Body, Skin, Eyes, Lips, Hair:

Technical Mods:


Mini Biography

Freja (Fra-ya) was born Kait Klarke in the city of Wayrest in the province of High Rock. She is a Breton who hails from a long line of performers, entertainers, and bards. Their troupe is known as the Klarke Klan, although there are others, not a part of the family, who travel and perform within the group. She traveled around parts of Tamriel, including Hammerfell, Cyrodiil, Skyrim, and Morrowind with her family as they put on shows for the rich and the poor alike. Although her family’s troupe were successful enough that they could travel in some kind of luxury, Freja always wanted to venture out on her own. At twenty she took the stage name Freja and set out on her own adventures. She has not seen her family in years, but still sends letters home to her grandparents whenever she can.

Freja has a very loose set of morals. She likes to think she has good intentions, but she can be extremely selfish and doesn’t mind making underhanded deals to get what she wants. Being a Breton she naturally has a curious nature and often finds herself exploring places she shouldn’t be in as often as she’s entertaining patrons in taverns. She’s also got a love for books and writing. She keeps a journal and tends to hoard books in her home.

Now that she’s found herself being labeled as the Dragonborn she’s not quite sure where she stands in the world. She wanted fame and excitement, but saving the entire world wasn’t in her plans and she’s not sure how to be the selfless person people say she is. She’s also noticed she’s been in the path of the Daedra more often, especially the ones that hold vast amounts of knowledge…

More images will be on my flickr.

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