Review: Mona Alta: The Path of Faith (Skyrim House Mod)


Mona Alta

Mona Alta is a home for Skyrim around Lake Ilinalta heavily influenced by the culture of the Redguards, Imperials, and the Akaviri.

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Face Journal: Sculpting Megan Fox

MeganFoxLogo copy

A remake of an old RaceMenu preset from 2015. I really like Megan Fox’s face and have always thought she’d be a good thief in the Elder Scrolls’ universe. Here I’ll show a little on her face from 2015 until 2017.

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Face Journal: Designing Freja (Has Daenerys’ Information)


FrejaLogo copyFreja is a new character I’ve created. This post will be about how I created her face, a mini biography, and her involvement in the world of Tamriel.

I’ve released her face as a RaceMenu preset, thanks to the original author’s permission.

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