Guides: My Facial Creation Guide

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This is my version of a Character Creation Guide for Skyrim. It’s not perfect and things will change, but you’ll get the idea of how to create a character for your liking.

One thing to note: I mainly play women in Skyrim. Most of the creation mods I use center around women. I am trying to get into making male face presets (and maybe one-day some followers), so I do have some creation mods for males as well. Just not as many.


Custom Races:

I don’t normally use custom race mods, but there are a ton out there. However, because I don’t use any I can’t give any information on them. I assume making a character is similar or nearly the same as how I do it, but I know many have their own textures and meshes. I would say explore and find out what suits you!


Mods I see as “necessary” (general gender):



Optional Ones that I Have Used and Liked:

See some of my favorite Skin Texture Overhauls for Skyrim’s females.

  • Enhanced Character Edit (Never used, but it’s very popular. I have used the head file.)
  • Better Males (other files available)
  • Women of Skyrim (and the Enhanced Normal Maps) (Good, but head only. Must blend with a skin; I used this and it worked well)
  • Better Makeup for SKSE (if you aren’t using a skin option with HD tint masks)
  • Seductive Lips HD (alt HD lip tint mask)
  • Pretty Lips (alt HD lip tint masks)
  • CBBE Body (NSFW images, see above)
    • Somewhat different than UNP but they have a lot of similarities.
  • CBBE Skin Texture (for UNP also) (NSFW images)
    • Has a good muscle variant, but the skin is not 4k. It’s still lovely in closeups.
    • Alt Navetsea UNP Seamless Skin
      • This is a better way to install the Navetsea’s CBBE/UNP Skin Texture and works correctly for UNP.
  • Ethereal Elven Overhaul
    • Requires a LOT of patches to work with other mods. Some are on the EEO page, others are on the mod page that needs the patch, and still others are in files of their own. Just look up Ethereal Elven Overhaul on Nexus and you’ll find them.
  • KJ Tattoos
  • The Neith Team Warpaints
  • TairenSoul Warpaints
  • Warpaints by Auriana
  • Lore Styles Hair Set
  • Superior Lore Styles for Hair (retexture of vanilla)
  • Lovely Hairstyles
  • Vanilla Hair Variety Plus
  • CITRUSHeads (be careful with the mesh, it’s sort of wonky, but it’s nicely high-poly)
    • Vanilla head mesh is just fine for me until there is a better one. CITRUS Heads is just too painful to work with. However, I will keep the mentions in this tutorial as I made the face in this tutorial with it and some people like the mesh.
  • Coverwomen (low resolution now because it’s very old, but the glitter look (#2) used to be my favorite skin for the face. Just leaving this here if anyone wants to make a new one with that glitter! otherwise, don’t recommend anymore as it doesn’t mix with the better skins)
  • HDT mods
    • Ugh, they are so buggy ((the meshes will get “stuck” and stretch all the way across the entire game world or get your head stuck in a door)) so I won’t use them much, but there are a lot of mods that have alternative versions using HDT meshes in them. They’re cool, but use at your own risk!


Vampire Overhaul Mods for Appearance:

I like an ethereal type of vampire. They have an air of mystery and power which makes a mortal want to be in their presence. I was always unhappy with the Skyrim vampire (WTF ARE THOSE EYES?!?! THOSE FACES?!?! BURN IT WITH FIRE!) so when I learned I could change a vampire’s appearance I jumped on it. I choose two eyes from The Eyes of Beauty mod to replace the vampire eyes in both the vanilla game and in Dawnguard. See below for a quick tutorial to change the vampire eye textures.

I used for my Dawnguard eyes and for my vanilla vampires. The lightish blue eyes make them more otherworldly to me, but not so strange that they can’t pass off as being part of their normal race. The discoloration in the “devil eyes” looks different compared to the other’s plain blue. It adds an exotic factor since these particular vampires are vastly different than the common ones. Perfect for being “touched” by Molag Bal himself!

VampEyeExample copy2
You can use any texture to fit your ideals


  • DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance
    • Changes their appearance depending on their “hunger.” Also allows you to customize the face to a certain degree in-game. The facial changes are not required for this mod to work.
  • Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes
    • To make your female vampire have fangs and to fix some other issues.
  • Better Vampires
    • Not exactly an appearance overhaul, but lets you customize some aspects of your vampiric life which can affect the appearance change.
  • No Sunken Vamp Faces
    • Changes the .tri files for the humanoid races – beast races don’t have a change in the vanilla game. The mod uses the vanilla head morph and not the ugly sunken-in cheeks one.
    • Custom races may not be supported as they have their own .tri files. Check out the race’s mod information and/or replace the .tri file yourself if it’s the same morph.
  • SG Skin, SRG Female Textures, Better Males, Pride of Valhalla, or any other skin that has a good vampire texture included, otherwise you’ll get a weird mismatched texture issue.
    • Also look for files that don’t have the default Dawnguard vampire face file as a base.

To Change Eyes for Vampires:

Go to [drive letter]: [main folder if you have it]/steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/Character/eyes

For example:

Most Common

C: ProgramFiles (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/eyes


Mine (sits on an extra hard drive)

E: Games/steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/eyes

Make sure to make a copy of the eye original vampire eye texture!

Note: These will change all vampires in the game based on which file they’re pulling from.

Replace for vanilla vampires with the eye texture you want.

If you’re replacing Dawnguard vampire eyes, then replace

If you use DVA (above), change the under that mod and disabling eye combat/nightvision in the MCM will allow only your eyes to change (I believe). I will test this!

Optional mods that have some eyes already in it and/or change the default vampire eyes: More Vampire Eyes, Underworld Dawnguard – Vampire and Werewolf EyesThe Eyes of BeautyImproved Eyes



Creating Your Character:

Alright! Got your mods downloaded and installed? Ready to get cracking? Great! Now load up your Skyrim.

There are three ways to start:

  1. You can create a new game and get through the wagon riding sequence.
  2. Load a previous save and click the “`” key (without the quotes), type in showracemenu, hit the enter button, then hit the “`” key again (without the quotes) to close the screen out. This should bring you to the race menu.
    1. Note that this can sometimes break things in game so be careful, though I do it often and it’s a rarity for me.
  3. The last way is starting a new game with the mod Alternate Start: Live Another Life. It puts you in a dungeon area at a character creation screen in the beginning.

I will break down how I get the general shape of my faces and bodies in a list, but I do go back and forth a lot to tweak as I go.

Good tutorials that inspired this one:


I am creating Olivia in this tutorial! *Note: My Skyrim skin textures and ENB have changed since these pictures*


General Tips and Tricks:

  • Study faces. People are beautiful. Everyone is different. Every face has quirks. Nothing is the same on either side. Even identical twins will have variances due to how their specific bodies adjust to their environment.
  • Understand the Golden Ratio and how it applies to faces. The primitive part of our brain is wired to “see” a face as lying near the geographical lines of the ratio. If something deviates from this ratio our brains pick up on that as something exotic, humanoid, non-human, or unnatural. These are true even if the face is a human’s.
    • Use the Golden Ratio as a guide to get realistic proportions and then alter to your own taste and character need. This is especially useful if your character has facial damage.
    • Human faces are considered the standard as that is what the ratio is based upon.
    • Elves (“Mer”) from the Elder Scroll’s universe fall under exotic and humanoid. Their features differ from the traditional standard. However, they still retain enough of the ratio’s proportions for our brains to comprehend their faces as being very close to a human’s.
    • Non-human faces can be seen on lesser daedra like the Ogrim. We know it’s a face, but the proportions and features (green and scaled skin, large jaw, and so on) clearly mark it as non-human.
    • Unnatural beings like the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora have identifying features that we understand, but their composition is completely alien to the standard ratio. It can be difficult to comprehend.
    • Mixed races can favor one type or another, have their own variances, or use a combination.
  • If you want realistic faces, don’t base your work on cartoons or anime. Look up unedited faces of models and actors and base your look off that. Combine faces together to get a look you want!
  • If you want the anime look, then study a lot of different anime and manga styles. Here is a good tutorial with helpful mods for that look. Combining styles here can make for a face uniquely yours!
  • Don’t be afraid to add “unique” features: moles, pot marks, acne, freckles, wrinkles, deformation, or scars are just the tip of the iceberg. Try making a longer than average nose. Maybe a long chin. Have the ears stick out some. The possibilities are endless.
  • Play with features that are out of the box for you. For example: I like to make faces like this a lot. I find it attractive. But I have tried changing up features. While I’m not always successful in creating characters that look varied, I do try and play around with the looks and see if I can make them unique.


Onto the tutorial!

He’s got the face only a wench would get paid to love.
  •  Race
    1. Race is important. They all have racial abilities and different stats. This is especially true if you’re using a race overhaul mod like Disparity.


There are mods that give you extra presets, look below or search!
  • Gender, Presets, Weight
    1. Gender, weight, and possibly height can come into play more if using race overhaul mods. See my article on the subject.


I change this a lot, especially when doing the hair. But you can see the CITRUSHead’s mesh issues in this photo as well. They’re mostly easily fixed in Sculpt.
  • Camera View
    1. I try to pull it up as close as possible, so I can see finer details


Fresh, clean face.
  • Head
    1. I take off any war paints and scars, so I can see the whole face clearly.
    2. If there is a lot of hair I might take that off as well under the Hair tab.


Do as I say not as I do…
  • Face
    1. I do a lot of sliders here. This is where I get the general idea of the face shape, the nose, and jaw down.


Do her cheeks look a little too full here?
  • Mouth
    1. The mouth area covers the chin and mouth. It helps with the general idea of the face shape.


ENBs can cause weird things to happen when DoF is enabled.
  • Eyes
    1. I don’t always worry about the colors of the basic makeup or the iris when I first get to this tab. I mostly worry about the position of the eyes and their width.


These can really change a look without changing a whole face.
  • Brow
    1. Once I have the basic shape down the brows can be used to accentuate it or completely alter the look depending on style.


  • Touch Ups
    1. After I hit the main tabs I’m constantly going back and forth until I have a very basic shape I want.


Added in a scar…
Color changes.
  • Head, again
    1. This time I go to face to get any scars if I feel they’ll fit (war paints come later)
    2. On CITRUSHeads the scars don’t always show properly at first. This will be fixed in the Sculpt section. If you can’t visualize it: Choose a scar, go to sculpt and use smooth to even out that part of the face until you can see it and make a judgment.
    3. I also start focusing more on colorations. This includes color to the cheeks, eye colors, etc…
    4. This is also the time I save the head under the Presets tab (pictures below) so if I make a mistake later in sculpt I can fix it.


The wire frame is the mesh and each color on top of the white is an overlay on top of the basic mesh, which in my case comes from CITRUSHeads.
  • Sculpt
    1. Learn this tool. It’s a lifesaver or it’s a life wrecker. It helps so much in getting the face smooth, but you must learn and understand how the tool work. Best way is to play around with dummy heads.
    2. Smooth is my favorite brush.
    3. If you do a lot of sculpting and then “Clear All” it will revert to the face you made with ALL extreme edits attached. Bug, mayhaps? Therefore, I save a version of the face unaltered by sculpt so I can go back and edit that file.


I have like 700+ hairs and I still can’t choose a hairstyle in under an hour.
  • Hair
    1. Only if you want hair. (^_<)


I used the deflate and smooth tool in Sculpt to add some laugh lines and did some color changes to the laugh line and lower cheek sliders in the face section to make her seem somewhat older. Also did a few other things.
  • Add in extras like Makeup (you can download mods or do warpaints here)
    1. Body does the whole body, hands does hands, feet does feet…
  • More basic changes if needed.


It took me a while to learn you could save heads, so I think this is incredibly useful. Just in case you lose that character you can at least get their face back!
  • Save face in the Presets tab.


This page just shows you a quick rundown of everything.
  • Finish your character
    1. Seriously, you have no idea how many times I’ve crashed after making a character.


I like making redheads.
SG Skin details along with a Body texture overlay of freckles.


Combining expressions can make more realistic results.
  • Expressions are useful for screen archery, but can be tedious. If you change up the face it can alter how other expressions are applied in game. I usually leave this blank except for pictures. I always change it back after.
    1. I don’t use many other tabs. If I want to pose I use a pose mod. If I want magic to show up I have their magic ready and then pose. 🙂 I will post a tutorial on how I do screenarchery soon. I’m still learning that!
Oh so mean!


Exporting Heads:

Want to export the head you made? You can use them on another NPC, for your other personal characters, or to publish as a face preset mod. Use this tutorial from the Nexus Wiki!


Still having problems with getting the face to “look right?” Try some face presets!

Mine. Can possibly be used on other races, but I don’t think the Orc or Elf would transfer well. Sometimes Nords, Imperials, and Bretons cannot cross faces either. When in doubt, check it out.:

Others I use from time-to-time. These can be used on a variety of races if you tweak them.:


Next up, Building the Inner Workings of your character!

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