Skyrim Character Play-Throughs

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Here I will showcase a general hub of my Skyrim characters and their varying play-through styles. I like to mix it up and keep it interesting.

Wondering how I make my characters? Here is a page detailing the mods I use, the methods to my madness, and (hopefully) anything else you wanted to know about it.

Current mods I’m working on, including some face presets.

Note: Skyrim doesn’t have “classes” like the previous games in The Elder Scrolls series did. I use a mod called Disparity to add in classes and adjust some minor things. The classes are based off Morrowind’s classes and abilities.


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Freja 2017

Just made a fresh, new character named Freja. She’s a Breton Bard who enjoys too much adventuring and dealing with Daedra. She also supports the Stormcloaks!

I remade her face from another Danny face preset on Nexus (with the original author’s permission). I wanted the new character to be a Breton due to her short stature and her magical abilities. Here is a post on the progress I did and comparisons to the actress. For my new incarnation she is fleshed out, but is not a copy of the character from the show or the novels. Her page has a quick biography.

Notable Mods: None yet.



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Sigyn 2017

Sigyn is my jack of all trades character. I have nearly done every quest and playstyle with her. I have recreated the character multiple times and find a mixture of a Bard and a WitchHunter works best for her. She tends to be very moralistic and upholds justice. I also really enjoy traveling and exploring Skyrim with her.

My favorite quests to play through Skyrim with her are the Dawnguard quests. Sigyn sides with the Dawnguards and vanquishes the vampire threat. Her favorite magic tends to be fire type destruction spells and restoration.

I am currently playing a reincarnation of her. This time I am using an actress’ face as her base look (see Sigyn’s Face Overhaul page). She is now based off Kathryn Winnick! Woo, I love Lagertha from the show Vikings!

Here is my flickr page for Sigyn, including her old faces. I don’t have a completed bio for her yet. Characters based off my Sigyn archetype: Failim, Athena, Rebekah.

Notable mods: Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim, Patron Gods of Skyrim, Spellsword, Summermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim, Adventurers Mashup Compilation, Viking Armors, Witchhunter Spells and Prayer Pack


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Updated Lilith Face April 2017

Ah, Lilith. When you think of the name, do you think of a manipulative woman? A woman who’d like nothing better than to destroy you and everything you love because she’s just born that way? No? Well, you should. Lilith is inspired by the Jewish folklore Lilith. She’s rather cunning, devious, and has no qualms with killing for any reason. However, she really loves kids. Her devilish behavior is mostly a product of her personality and rebellion for the life she’s been forced to leave behind. In a sense, Lilith is the way she is because her nature is what caused her to lose the only life she’s ever cherished. She’s based on the Chaotic Evil archetype in the classic RPG alignment system.

I usually have her as a vampire who uses shock, wind, ice, and water destruction spells (thanks to mods), illusion magic, conjuration, as well as daggers. Her class I base off of the Nightblade class.

I am currently remaking her for my new Skyrim setup. I finished Natalie Dormer’s face! Woo! And added an updated picture to this list. Check out her flickr.

Notable Mods (and mods that I’ll use when I do a remake): Better Vampires, Elemental Destruction, Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim, Black Viper’s Will, (more as I play her)


CynwrigLogo copy
Her eyes @_@

Cynwrig is a cryomancer who also uses wind and water in her spellcasting. She’s purely a magic-casting character. That is a rarity for me as I enjoy using weapons. Personality wise she is rather morally gray. She supports the Stormcloaks because she feels no nation should be confined to rules that are unfitting to them. Cynwrig is also very supportive of nature and can be found wandering around icy cold lakes naked. >_> Her class is a mixture of a Mage and a Pilgrim.

I didn’t play much with her (admittedly lost her actual game file), but I did enjoy taking screenshots with her. It’s fun to explore Skyrim’s more arctic regions with a character that enjoys freezing her behind off.

Here is her flickr album. Some of the pictures are NSFW in that there is slight nudity, but it’s not pornographic. Here is a rough draft of her bio.

Notable mods: Elemental Destruction, Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim, Patron Gods of Skyrim, Hedge Mage Armor – No Camp, Fluffy Travel Attire


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Making her into a follower…

Kiera is my most evil character to date in Skyrim. Whereas Lilith is a bitch to be a bitch, Kiera is more than just chaotic: she’s the classic evil villain. She wants to become the most powerful person in history. She plans to use that power to rule all of Nirn and by extension, Mundus. Kiera is actually very hard to play in Skyrim because parts of just the main quest assume you’ll do good for the benefit of Tamriel. Kiera doesn’t want what’s good for Tamriel, she wants to control it. To this end, I have actually considered making her a follower.

Her looks have changed a lot since I first came up with her design and I’m still working on how I want her to look. I really like her war paint. Creepy! ^_^

Kiera’s bio and flickr page.

Notable mods: SC – Witch of the Wilds, Unique Uniques, Zim’s Immersive Artifacts, Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim, Black Viper’s Will, Leah Lilith Jewelry


HathorLogo copy
She won the fight.

This is Hathor. I played her around 2013. She is a Redguard with supurb fighting skills. I created her specifically to play the Companions’ questline as I had never done it up to this point. I really fell in love with this brutal, yet beautiful warrior. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much else about her in terms of mods. I stopped playing Skyrim between 2014 and 2015. I do know that armor is from Immersive Armors and is supposed to be heavy armor. (>_<) (That red on her is blood, she’d just come back from a fight). The yellow scarf is from Grimoas Scarf and Gugel mod.

I have remade her face, added better features, and released it as a face preset here.

Notable mods: Immersive Armors, Grimoas Scarf and Gugel


DannyLogo copy
Yes, she is that awesome.

This character is based off Daenerys from the Game of Thrones TV show. She was my first character ever for Skyrim. I made her a Nord and really kicked ass. Beyond that, there isn’t much to say. I used almost all vanilla assets. There wasn’t much in 2011 (the clothing I got through a console command that allowed you to wear NPC only clothing; this is Alea’s outfit). Also, the playthrough was very disjointed as I wanted to try every quest I found interesting. I had little in the way of a solid character play style.

Notable mods: None.

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